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We are more than a Juice Bar, we are a lifestyle backed up by science.

Our story began when two people fell in love, decided to get married and start a family. Little did we know our story wasn't going to be anything like we envisioned it... but it was way better!

Everything was going according to “plan” until our second girl was born. She had a very rare illness, and started chemotherapy when she was 6 months old. It was through the healing powers of food that we found a pathway to help our little baby fight back. While getting treatment, we were determined to make her as strong as possible and we were amazed at how much the food she ate changed her blood chemistry, it was scientifically awesome!

That's where our true journey began; everything we thought we knew about healthy eating and healthy living shifted. We were determined to learn as much as we could about the healing powers of organic, whole foods, and to share our findings and personal journey with the intention of positively changing people's lives, one healthy meal at a time. This is how a Lawyer and an Entrepreneur left everything behind, moved with their girls to a different Country and got into the restaurant business, and we love everything about it!

Carol and Jonathan Goldwasser